Anime Milwaukee

What a great start to open up the convention season with Wisconsin’s e9776740_t2030_photo_2Anime Milwaukee, hosted in the Milwaukee Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Frontier Airlines Center. This was conveniently connected by skywalk, making it easier for attendees to walk to and from the two buildings. AMKE made us feel very welcomed when we we’re given a tour of the con showcasing some of their new features and their convention layout. This year was especially memorable for AMKE attendees, respected video game composer Nobou Uematsu was able stop by the convention and do a meet and greet with his fans. Highlights from this year include Dead State Pavilion hosting the video game room, the revamped Pokémon Trainer Rendezvous, and the always popular Maid Cafe.

Game Room- Dead State Pavilion


This was the first year that the game vendor Dead State Pavilion hosted the AMKE’s game room. Even though the game room had a few hiccups at the beginning of Friday morning, it was well worth the wait. Sporting over 6000 sq. feet of gaming goodness, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U were well represented. Most connected to each other via LAN connection and ready for attendees to host their own multi-system LAN parties. If that wasn’t enough, 16 computers were setup to provide an alternative to the consoles, all loaded with League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and many more popular titles. Speaking of League of Legends, the day-long tournament pitted a lot of great teams against each other. Whether you were a part of it or not, it was very interesting to spectate.



Convention Highlights

While the League of Legends tournament was going on, Pokémon trainers readied there poke teams and battled their way through AMKE’s personal elite four in Trainer Rendezvous. This event was run by Pokémon fans for the Pokémon fans. It was the second time being held at AMKE and according to the attendees was much more advertised than last year and almost twice the size. This event was aimed at anyone with a passion for Pokémon, for trainers they could come to meet up, battle, talk and have a great time. The Pokémon battles were not the only entertainment, there were plenty of panels, gaming, and even a Pokémon themed cosplay contest.

We decided to take a break from all the bustle of the convention and decided to relax. What better way to do it than to be served by cute maids and butlers serving delicious desserts? The Maid Cafe was hosted in the breathtakMaidCafeing Polaris restaurant on top of the Milwaukee Hyatt Hotel. Hosting this year’s Maid cafe was the Hoshi no Yume group, a group of dedicated cosplayers bringing attendees the best maid cafe experience than most conventions in the Midwest. With what you would expect from every anime convention, the masquerade was a huge success; from the cosplayer catwalk to the hilarious staff “meeting” video. The panels featured topics about everything and anything anime and game related, from the ever popular Anime Name That Tune to the always fun speed dating and 18+ panels.


DAD67056-D043-4034-AEB4-E05The dealers’ room was expanded to showcase even more vendors than last year. Everything this year was expanded and it worked.
Keep doing what you’re doing AMKE and we hope your anime convention to be another great success next year.  We had a blast and enjoyed our whole weekend in Anime Milwaukee.