For Midwestern con goers, Halloween doesn’t just mean trick-or-treating, but the opportunity to attend one of the largest cons in the Midwest. Yes readers, Youmacon one again will be held this weekend.

This year’s Youmacon has plenty of things to do from the ever popular masquerade to a dance on Saturday night. There is also a live shugo chess game that will pit two teams against each other in chess combat as well as a live version of Mario Party (this may be the end of friendships).

This year’s guest list is HUGE! Combining popular voice actors like Steve Blum, Caitlin Glass, Johnny Yong Bosch and others with popular internet celebs like Team Four Star, Linkara and others.

Youmacon will be held both at the Cobo Center and The Renaissance Center. Badges can be purchased there for $30 on Friday, $40 on Saturday, $20 on Sunday, and $60 for the entire weekend.

A few members of Anime Power Level will be at the convention, so if you see us, be sure to say hey and get your photo taken.

More information for Youmacon can be seen here at their website.

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