I’m sure you guys have seen it before. You see people during the con doing stupid things. Sometimes you might go up to them and be like “stop doing that.” or just ignore it. It’s a very strange position to be put in because you might want to say something, but you don’t want to come off as imposing. Sometimes it’s necessary though because as we know, bad stuff can ruin cons and prevent them from happening. So, with that being said, I’d like to write some tips on how you should hold yourself during the con. Starting with:

The Hotel

Last week I wrote about how to handle yourself in the hotel room, but what about outside the hotel room and in the hotel. There are other things that you do have to remember when being at the hotel.

The Dealer Room


Of course some panelists might be ok with all the random blurting. It all depends on the type of panel (like if it’s about a specific topic or if it’s a ‘game show’). One way I like to think about going to panels is like this: Think of it as a class (that of course you’re not tested for). You wouldn’t just blurt out stuff during a class would you? What about using your cell phone? Probably not…so give the panelist the same amount of respect that you would give a teacher (no matter how good or bad they might be).

Now before I end this article, there are two specific things I’d like to talk about which is pretty relevant to this topic: Glomping and Yaoi Paddles.

For those of you who don’t know, glomping is more or less a flying tackle hug. I will be the first to admit that I LOVE hugs, and even a big hug can be fun sometimes…but sometimes glomping can be taken way out of line. I’m talking about the times where people run up to you and jump across at you with no warning. This is not cool…and it’s also very dangerous. You can get hurt, and the person you’re glomping can get hurt. Even if they don’t get hurt, you might end up ripping/breaking part of their costume (it’s happened to me before). Unless you’d like to take responsibility for their health or their costume, then maybe it would be better not to glomp them. In fact, some cons have been banning this action so…yeah it actually has become a huge problem. Of course if the other person is expecting it then go ahead…but also, be aware of the area and the people around you. If they’re at risk, or if something might break, don’t do it.

Finally…yaoi paddles. I know that this is something else that cons are banning, but some haven’t. That being said, if happen to have a paddle and the con hasn’t banned them, don’t go around hitting people with it. They’re painful! If the person gives you permission to do it, then do it. But if you just go to a random person and hit them with it, that’s not cool.


That all I can say about this for now. To sum up this entire article: don’t do stupid stuff and try to be considerate of other people. You’re not the only person at the con, and everyone has a right to enjoy it. When in doubt, if it seems like a bad idea, it probably is. Furthermore, if you aren’t sure what’s ok and what’s not ok, check out the rule book. I’m sure they’ll make things more clear.

Next week: Taking photos at conventions. By this I mean how to properly ask people for a photo without creeping them out, running photoshoots, and how to have your picture taken. Note that this is not going to be an article about taking photos like a professional, but more along the lines of how to take pictures of people at cons.

(Note: my article was in no way bashing yaoi or anyone who watches yaoi. If that was the case, I apologize you felt that way and assure you that meant this is no way to bash you.)