Disclaimer: This is NOT a make-up tutorial.

Greetings fellow congoers. I’ve got a short article about makeup, body paint, and you this week.

Given the recent advent of cosplays which require some sort of makeup, I feel like it would only be fitting that I make an article about this.

There are many cosplays that might require an extra step to make it authentic. This is usually in the form of Make up or body paint. Whether it’s a simple mark on your face like in the .hack series, body scars like The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 or full on body paint like Homestuck, it really adds a new dimension to the costume. In my time as a cosplayer, I’ve only had two costumes that require some sort of makeup. Hiro (my very first cosplay) had two simple green marks on one side of his face. My other cosplay, Zelgadis, required a great bit of detail, including mixing three colors of paint to get the proper color, ear tips, and scales to go on the face. So, as you can see, there are simple make up solutions and there are more complex ones.

Like many other parts of cosplay, this is something that needs to be maintained. It’s easy for make up to rub off or come off if you don’t use it properly. And, if you’re careless, it could ruin other costumes…or even come off on other people.

Here are a few guidelines for using make up and body paint:

Make up can be a good way to give your costume some extra spark, but while wearing it, you do still need to use good judgment. Try to be more mindful of what you’re wearing and make sure it won’t come off onto other cosplayers or the hotel. Just one mistake in that department can ruin the con for one person…or even make it so that the con isn’t invited back next year to that hotel. Be mindful.

I’m sure I’ve missed other tips but if you have anything that you’d like to add, feel free to do it in the comments or send me a message about it.

Next week, I’d like to do something fun. I want to hear some of your outrageous con stories. I’ll share one myself too.

This article was suggested by Jessica E. If you have anything that you’d like covered, feel free to suggest it.

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