It seems that there have been a few things happening on the internet in regards to the cosplay community. I’m not going to say anything about what they are, but I am going to give my input on this.

First off, I want to say that the fact that people want to watch out for each other in regards to something that may have happened to another is a really good thing. We don’t have to deal with things alone and it’s nice to know that we can rely on our friends to be there for us.

That being said, I do feel that some of the steps we might take can be a bit overkill, and sometimes counterproductive.

While it might be informative to post something that someone said to another person on social mediums like FB, Tumblr, and Twitter to raise awareness of the issue, we have to be aware that once its posted out there on the internet, it’s pretty much going to be there forever. Think about how many times we might ‘share’ or ‘reblog’ something…and that’s a lot of the same post. I’m not saying that what the person did was a good thing (chances are it wasn’t) but if we keep posting these blogs and further slandering his/her name, how do you think that person would feel down the line if they did get help?  In a sense, I feel like this becomes a form of bullying (which is something I’m sure most of us have dealt with at some point in our life). Sometimes maybe that person is just trolling us and is doing this for attention. In that case, don’t feed the trolls. In the other end, turning an entire community against someone could cause some issues…major issues. That being said, I think we should think twice before we reblog something like that. We might be raising awareness, but the more that people do about this, the worse it’ll become for them in the future, or for the people who are rallying.

Also, when it comes to accusations that have been made against others, we need to be careful with this as well. Accusations happen all the time, and whether or not they happen to be true, that is between the parties involved. It’s not a good thing to go and say something is true when you don’t know the entire story. You might jump on one end, and then find out that the person on the other in was really right. And at this point, chances are the damage is already done and you’ve further slandered that person’s name. Also, it might be easy to jump on a bandwagon if you don’t like someone, but maybe you should put your personal feelings aside and wait for the truth to make a judgment. If you know the person well enough and trust their word, why not even go up to them and ask from their mouth? That makes sense doesn’t it? Of course this isn’t always an option, but I think when it is an option its a good one to use.

One example of this is something that i had happen to a friend of mine in the past. Long story short, someone accused them of hacking onto another’s FB account and deleting a few of their friends. They spread this rumor around, and sadly some people believed it. It sucked because it obviously wasn’t true and the damage had already been done and they started treating this person poorly. However, one person actually went up to the person being accused and got the story from their mouth, which clarified everything.

There’s a good way to go about things and theres a bad way. So to sum things up:

That’s all I really have this week. I do pay attention to what goes on in the community. I might not say much, but I do get concerned. I want everyone to be safe and have fun, but also to be fair toward each other.

Next week, we go back to regular posts. I’ll discuss how to run photo shoots both at cons and outside of cons. See ya’ll then.

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