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Greetings fellow Con goers. Before I get started with this post, I’d like to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Anthony, or Pally Kashra. I’ve been going to conventions for about 3 years now. Since my time I’ve cosplayed, Masqueraded and even participated in numerous panels. Because of this, I want to find some way to start to give back to the community. So, I figure that one thing I can do is write some articles to help out current and future con goers, and maybe even convince some con goers who have stopped going for one reason or another to give it a try.  So every week or so I’ll be adding a new article that will help you go through your convention journey.

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Balancing Life, Cosplay, and Conventions

Dealing With Non-Con Goers

Avoiding Con Plague

Dealing With Post Con Depression

Storing Cosplays and Dealing With Roommates

Makeup , Body Paint, and You

Masquerade 101


Rumors Fairness, and Respect

Cosplaying Regardless of Labels

Hosting a Meetup

Traveling Out of State

Photography Tips

Managing the Con Floor

Hotel Room

Choosing a Cosplay

Con Prep (Pre and During Con)

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