The Resident Evil 2 Remake is in the Works!

Capcom Producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi have officially announced that a Resident Evil 2 remake is finally happening. Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster is coming next year and now we have another remake coming to us.  There is no official release date on the game yet, hopefully will see a 2016 winter releases.

“Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax” English Character Roster Trailer

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax will coming to North America on October 6, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Today, Sega has releases the first English character roster trailer which shows off Asuna for Sword Art Online, Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!, Kuroyukihime from Accel World and Tomoka Minato from Ro-Kyu-Bu!

“Legion” is the next World of Warcraft Expansion

Blizzard have officially announced its sixth expansion for World of Warcraft, titled World of Warcraft: Legion.  This was unveiled today during their event at Gamescom. Along with this announcement Blizzard released a cinematic trailer.  The trailer shows the return of the Burning Legion and the heroes of Azeroth are being called to the Broken Isles […]

Final Fantasy XV Set to Release in 2016

Final Fantasy XV Director, Hajime Tabata, confirmed to Gamespot that Final Fantasy XV will be coming in 2016.  Here’s what Hajime said during the interview from Gamespot,  “At the very least, I can tell you that it isn’t going to be released this year. I think we’ll be able to tell you when we’re making […]

Get 50% Off on Disgaea Titles on the PlayStation Store

For those who have not played any of the Disgaea games now’s your chance.  PlayStation Store is letting you pick up many of the Disgaea game for 50% to 70% off.  Disgaea is not the only game you can pick up on the cheap.  Titles like Demon Gaze, Criminal Girls: Invite Only and a few other […]

Games out this Week: August 3, 2015

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight The next entry of the Etrian Odyssey Untold series is essentially two games in one – the first, a Nintendo 3DS update to Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard (released on Nintendo DS) with new dungeon layouts, new graphics, and system improvements from the recent Etrian Odyssey Untold. […]

Final Fantasy Explorers Comes to North America

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy Explorers will be coming to North America. Final Fantasy Explorers is a multiplayer action RPG with some game macanics that are simalar to Monster Hunter. You can plan the game as single-player or multiplayer for up to four players. Final Fantasy Explorers will release in Japan this December […]

First Look at Grandia II In HD for PC

GungHo Online Entertainment is bringing a remastered port of Grandia II, a classic Dreamcast title, to PC through and Steam later this year. A few screen screenshots have been released to  visual update will look on the PC.  Along with the updates GungHo will be adding Japanese voice acting track, gamepad support, and a new, […]

Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment Now Available for PS4

PlayStation 4 owners can now download Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, which was just for the PlayStation Vita.  For this port Bandai Namco have ungraded the, graphics, added online play, entirely new bosses, a better localization and a playable female protagonist. You can pick up this new and improved game for only $19.99. For those […]

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Comes to PC on August 18

Square Enix have announced that they were bring Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to PC back in June, and now it has a release date.  Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hits Steam on August 18. When Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hits Steam it will have better in-game battle camera, better graphics, full controller support, steam achievements and […]