Anime Central 2015 Review

Anime Central 2015 May of 2015 marked Anime Power Level’s 3rd consecutive year of covering Chicago’s own Anime Central and once again the feeling of sadness filled our hearts as it came to an end. The Midwest holds many great conventions, but there are few are as revered and beloved as ACen. This year was […]

Anime Milwaukee 2015 Review

  Editor’s Note: Anime Milwaukee was a one man show this year for Anime Power Level as most of the members of Anime Power Level were unavailable to make it to this year’s convention. While I will do my best to give a respectable review, I was unable to get to all parts of the […]

Geek.Kon Review 2014

Geek.Kon 2014 Geek.Kon has been one of our many conventions on our “to-go” list for a very long time. Their game room staff and equipment travels around the Midwest convention circuit and it is hard to miss the fact that they have a yearly convention in Madison. It was interesting when we found out that […]

Anime Midwest Review 2014


Anime Central 2014 Review

Anime Central 2014 Con blues, who hasn’t experienced that feeling of sadness after your favorite convention of the year has come and gone? 2014 was an amazing year for Anime Central as a milestone was reached by surpassing last year’s attendee number by another 1K new attendees bringing the grand total for this year to […]

Anime Milwaukee 2014

Anime Milwaukee 2014 Here we are again another year another great convention that we are ready to review. Anime Milwaukee is the first major convention to hit the winter season here in the Midwest. This year we will start a new approach in our reviews to make them more structured and more accessible. Let us […]