Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary

Anime Title is undetermined  BUT! it is listed under Summer Season 2013 Anime list! Summary: One day, Usagi Tsukino, clumsy 2nd year middle school student (8th grader), stumbles upon a talking cat named Luna. Luna tells her that shis destined to be Sailor Moon, “champion of love and justice”, and she must search for the fabled […]

The Idolm@ster Shiny Festa for iOS!

Namco Bandai has made English versions of the PSP games, but The Idolm@ster Shiny Festa rhythm games for iOS will be go on the market in 3 different games; With in each one has a different set of idols and a different opening animation. Namco Bandai has also mentioned additional DLC will be coming soon. The Idolm@ster Shiny Festa Melodic […]

“Little Witch Academia” Anime Government Funded

From the people that brought you Panty & Stocking‘s and Gurren Lagann, have created a “short” Anime About a witch who just want to be like her Idol. Little Witch Academia came out in theaters Last March and was created for the Anime Mirai Young Animator Training Project Not only is this short Anime really […]

KungFu Cooking Girls

The Animation to this video is so awesome NOT to share. This video was made in 2011 by Chinese indie Wolf Smoke animation studio. Click the link to watch in HD:

Zero no Tsukaima Author Noboru Yamaguchi Passes Away

Media Factory’s MF Bunko J Editor-in-Chief Taiji Misaka announced on Wednesday that Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero) author Noboru Yamaguchi passed away on April 4th after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 41 years old. Yamaguchi was writing game scenarios when he made his novel-writing debut in 2000 through the Kadokawa Sneaker […]

Spring Anime List 2013!

Release Schedule All times are in PST (GMT-8) Sunday 06:30 Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Sunday 10:00 Suisei no Gargantia Sunday 10:05 Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Sunday 12:00 Shingeki no Kyojin Monday 03:00 Mushibugyo Monday 09:30 Aku no Hana Monday 10:35 Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Monday 11:00 Arata Kangatari Tuesday 04:30 Saki Episode of Side A […]

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie is coming to Blu-ray!

  Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie is coming to Blu-ray July 30th 2013 It will also come with a Collectors Edition set that will include: ∗ Exclusive new cover art ∗ Digipak ∗ Deluxe booklet ∗ Original Soundtrack CD Aniplex USA Standard Edition will come with: ∗ English Translation Booklet of “Deluxe Booklet” ∗ Special Postcard […]

Rurouni Kenshin is getting a Reboot!

Did you know that Nobuhiro Watsuki decided to reboot the Rurouni Kenshin manga, in celebration of the live action movie. The latest chapter just came out, click the link below to check it out: Rurouni Kenshin- Tokuhitsuban