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Kill la Kill is Coming to TOONAMI

Aniplex of America announced that adult swim will be airing Kill la Kill on the Toonami anime block.  It will on Saturday February 7 at 11:30 P.M. EST/PST.  This was announced at Aniplex Otakon Las Vegas panel. ...

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Kill la Kill English Dubbed Trailer

Aniplex have released the official English dubbed trailer for Kill la Kill.  The trailer shows off the English voice cast.  You can Pre-order Kill la Kill right now by going to Killlakill.com. Aniplex and Sony Music Entertainment will be premiering the first English dub episode of Kill la Kill at Anime Expo 2014. ...

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Kill la Kill English Dub will Premiere at Anime Expo

Aniplex and Sony Music Entertainment will be co-hosting a Kill la Kill event during Anime Expo 2014. During the event they will premiere the first English dub episode of Kill la Kill along with a concert held by Eir Aoi . Then to top things off a Q and A with story and script writer Kazuki Nakashima, character designer Sushio and voice actresses Ami Koshimizu (Ryuko) and Ryoka Yuzuki (Satsuki). This is not ...

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Podcast Episode 7 – Limited Spoiler Edition

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Kill La Kill

The People that created Little Witch Academia, named "Trigger" have unveiled their newest project called Kill La Kill. By the people that brought you Gurren Lagann, Dead Leaves, and FLCL! The story seems to be about “ruthless sword-fighting action in an all-girls high school” but focused on character drama. A transfer student wielding a weird sword that looks like half-scissors arrives at a school ruled by ...

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