Summer Anime list 2013 Reviewed by Momizat on . Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Choujigen Game Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) is an upcoming anime series based on the popular game series of the same n Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Choujigen Game Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) is an upcoming anime series based on the popular game series of the same n Rating:
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Summer Anime list 2013

Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation


Choujigen Game Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) is an upcoming anime series based on the popular game series of the same name. With the people that animated Inu X Boku Secret Service, and Level E. The series will begin this Summer.

The story takes place in a world called Gameindustri, in which beings known as the “Goddesses” each rule over one of the four countries of Gameindustri: Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, and Leanbox. Between each of these exists a source of the Goddesses’ power known as the “Share”, and war between the different factions has continued for many years to gain control of these Shares.

But, the Goddesses believed that the continued war would lose power, and create a treaty of friendship to stop the war over the Shares. With this new treaty the four younger sisters of the Goddesses began to try to build relationships with one and other.

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Fantasista Doll


Fantasista Doll is an upcoming anime series by the people that brought you Code Geass.

Uno Uzume a typical highschool student comes across some mysterious cards that can materialize mysterious girls called Fantasista Dolls! Uzume becomes a card master, and forms a contract with five dolls, each with their own unique personalities.

She Comes across battles only finding out that she in now in charge of saving the world she lives in. Even though she may think it’s impossible for her, she can’t do anything to get out of it now! She must fight using various combinations of cards – different weapons, costumes and even events which will allow her to fight.

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Anime Title is undetermined Too Sad

BUT! it is listed under Summer Season 2013 Anime list!


One day, Usagi Tsukino, clumsy 2nd year middle school student (8th grader), stumbles upon a talking cat named Luna. Luna tells her that shis destined to be Sailor Moon, “champion of love and justice”, and she must search for the fabled Moon Princess. Usagi finds friends that turn out to be destined warriors as well, and together they fight to save the world from certain doom brought upon by the Dark Kingdom.

KyoAni “Free!” Swimming


Haruka, Rin, Makoto, and Nagisa used to be the members of the same swimming club in elementary school. They won a tournament just before their graduation and then they went separate ways. Time passed and now Haruka has been spending his high school days idly. One day, Rin comes to Haruka and challenges him to a swim. Haruka easily gets overwhelmed by Rin’s swimming skills. In order to beat Rin, Haruka establishes the “Iwatobi High School Swimming Club” by gathering Makoto and Nagisa again and drafting in Rei.

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[youtube id=”ByhP478ZPQI&feature”]

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G


Senki Zesshou Symphogear G is the second season to Senki Zesshou Symphgear, which will be coming in July! By the same animators that brought you Aquarion, and Bodacious Space Pirates!

As the 3 girls continue on their combat, will they defeat the noise?

[youtube id=”bLsehSIblOU&feature”]

Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)


A Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa, best known for her previous work, Fullmetal Alchemist. An anime adaptation is currently in production to be aired on Fuji TV’s noitamina block.

Yugo Hachiken dreams of life separated from his family, so he takes the initiative by enrolling in an agriculture school. He thinks, with his talent in studying, no problems will arise no matter what kind of school he attends. He is proven wrong very quickly. Raised as a city boy, he is forced to uncover the inconvenient truth about agricultural life. Enjoy the story of Hachiken, as he tries to keep up with his new friends, farmers’ heirs, who are already accustomed to the harsh world of farming. With no clear goals or understanding of farming life, how will Hachiken survive this new, cruel reality? The story of a sweat, tear, and mud-stained youth begins!

Gin no Saji Silver Spoon will be airing July 2013

[youtube id=”L-03zQW6HWI”]

Kiniro Mosaic


An upcoming anime scheduled to start broadcasting July 2013

Oomiya Shinobu, a 15 year old high school student, in middle school she stayed in England for a short time with a host family. Now that she’s back in Japan she often thinks back to her life in England, until she receives an unexpected letter.

The letter is from the daughter of the host family she stayed with while in England. A beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes named Alice Cartelet. The letter says that Alice is coming to visit Shinobu in Japan. The story focuses on the everyday school life of Shinobu, Alice and her rival childhood friend Kujou Karen, as well as Shinobu’s friends Inokuma Youko and Komichi Aya.

[youtube id=”i4FnbWiscNQ”]

Fate/Laleid Liner Prisma Illya


Spinoff of Fate/stay night.
The story re-imagines the Fate/Stay night character Illyasviel con Einzbern in an alternate universe as a magical girl

Airing in July 2013

[youtube id=”66JY7HRFpcE”]

Blood Lad


Blood Lad follows Staz, a vampire that is obsessed with the human world, and Fuyumi, a human girl that was killed and turned into a ghost after wandering into the demon world. Staz promises to help Fuyumi regain her humanity by bringing her back to life, as it means that he would be able to visit the human world.

Coming July 2013

[youtube id=”HHNyBJyWpfo”]

Servant x Service


The story centers on the employees of a government ward office in a city in Hokkaido, and follows the daily lives of the health and welfare division members.

Coming July 2013

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Kingdom 2

Sequel to the Kingdom TV series

In the warring states period of ancient china (475-221 BCE), Shine and Hyou are war-orphans in the kingdom of Qin. They dream of one day proving themselves on the battfield. One day, however, Hyou is taken to the palace by a minister. Winding up on the losing side of power-struggle, Hyou manages to return to the village, barely alive. Shin then meets a boy who closely resembles Hyou, Ei Sei.
For now he is the king of Qin; later he will become the emperor Shi Huangdi

Coming June 8th 2013

Brothers Conflict


The story centers around a girl who suddenly gets 11 brothers; from 32 years old down to 11 years old!
When her father remarries, she joinds the Asahina family under one roof at the Sunrise Residence complex.

Coming July 2013

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku


“Kitakubu”- (literally, “go-home club”) is Japanese slang for kids who go home instead of joining clubs, sports, or other afterschool activities. In one high school, there is a real “Kitakubu” of girls who do whatever they like. The president is a free spirited name Sakura, while Botan is combative heir to a school of martial arts. Claire happens to be the daughter of the head od the powerful Kokonoe conglomerate. Natsuki joins the club at the invitation of another freshman, Karin, but she is unprepared for the hi-jinks there.

Coming July 2013

Hakkenden -Touhou Hakken Ibun- Season 2


five years ago, almost every villager of Ootsuka died due to a tragiv plague. But mysteriously enough three survivors: a girl and two boys, emerged. Now living in a church, the three live in isolation, hidden from those who may seek to find them. Shino, one of the survivors, has control over the power of Murasame, the blade of life. But when the imperial church seeks to take the Murasame for themselves, their perceful life becomes a thingof the past…

Summer 2013

Tamayura -More Aggressive-


A Sequel to the Tamayura -Hitotose-
For her first year of high school, Fu Sawatari moves to Takehara, a scenic old town near Hiroshima, on the Inland Sea. Her father, who has passed away, grew up in Takekara. She loves taking photographs with her father old film camera, a Rolleo 35S. The story follows her and the friends who gather around her as she comes to love her new home.

Coming July 7th 2013

Monogatari 2nd Season


The 2nd Season arc of the Monogatari series will cover the material from the six volumes of the original light novel series in two cours or half a year

Coming July 2013

[youtube id=”qxCqk3E4QcY”]

High School DxD NEW


Sequel to High School DxD series will follow Issei Hyoudou, a dim-witted, lecherous second year high school student who is killed by a girl on his first date ever. Issei is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day forward, he serves as an underling of riasu, a high level devil who is also the prettest girl on the Issei’s campus.

Coming July 2013

[youtube id=”uypJikiS9eo”]

Uchouten Kazoku


The Comedy drama of Uchouten Kazoku is set in Kyoto, where tanuki (shape shifting raccoon-dogs), Tengu (Long nosed goblins of Japanese folklore), and humans intermingle. The story follors the Shimogamo family of Tanuki who lives in the Tadasu no Mori forest of Shimogamo Shrine.

Coming June 16th 2013

[youtube id=”d5CJaQuUNtM”]

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou


The absurd mystery comedy centers around Kazuhito Harumi, a high school boy who is obsessed with reading. One day, he is killed in the middle of a robbery, and resurrected as a dachshund dog. Unable to read in his new form, the hapless Kazuhito now belongs to Kirihimi Natsuno, a sadistic novelist who uses scissors on Kasuhito to abuse him.

Coming July 2013

[youtube id=”vWisMGT4M00″]

Gatchaman Crowds


The story is set in Japan in the early summer of 2015. 180,000 people live in Tachikawa City, the “second-me tropolis” of the Tokyo area. Among them are “Gatchaman” Warriors who fight in special reinforced suits powered by “Note,” the manifestation of special spiritual powers in living beings. A council has scouted a group of individuals with latent powers to protect Earth from alien criminals. in recent years, the council has assigned Gatchaman warriors to deal with the mysterious entity known as “Mess”

July 2013

Ro-Kyuu-Bu! SS


Sequel to the Ro-Kyuu-Bu! tv series
Subaru Hasegawa is a high school freshman, he joins the basketball team but soon finds out the team is inactive because the captain is being suspected as a lilicon. He miraculously is entangled with the job of being the coach of an elementary school’s basketball Subaru can only take them so far.

July 2013

Kimi No Iru Machi


Kirishima Haruto is your average Hiro-shama Prefecture countryside Japanese student that is about to start his 3 year High school life.
But before that happens a girl from Tokyo, Eba Yuzuki, whose father is the friend of haruto’s father, shows up at his house to live with him and his family so she can attend the same high school. Haruto isn’t happy of the situation; a stranger that happens to be a girl of his same age, not his reative, living in the same house like him will cause complications. truth is Haruto has another girl in mind, Kanzaki Nanami, whom Haruto has hidden romantic feelings for since middle school. Ans so starts his complicated life.

July 13th 2013

[youtube id=”jFMJbpm9EAg”]

Senyuu. Season 2


Sequel to the Senyuu TV series
A gigantic hole suddenly opened up in the world one day, and deamons appeared. The king thinks that this portends the return of the demon king Rukimedesu, who was sealed away bu the Kureashion a millenium ago.
The king decreed that the descendant of the hero must take on the threat, and 75 people showed up. her Number 45 (Aruba) and sa sadistic palace warrior (Rosu) team up, and their adventure begins.

July 2013

[youtube id=”a-5LtH5ZJ2c”]

Love Lab


The story revolves around the girls at the slite Fujisaki Girls’ Middle School, which has Tsundere (initially aloof and abrasive, but later kind hearted) meganekko (eyeglasses-wearing girls) and other kinds of students.

July 2013

[youtube id=”Ul2JIRh4cQ0″]

Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation


The story follws a group of high school students, each with a different exceptional talent, who are locked inside a school and told that the only way to escape is to kill another student without getting caught. After a murder, the remaining students must hold a trail with their lives on the line to find out who the killer is.

July 2013

[youtube id=”LHTqTij0moM”]

Genshiken Nidaime


Anime adaptation of Shimoku Kio’s “Genshiken : Second Season” sequel manga. The story continues the adventures of the otaku college club “The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture.”

July 20133

[youtube id=”ulCYT938ScI”]

Futari wa Milky Holmes


Sequel to the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative TWO -Kobayashi Opera to Kokuu no Ougarasu- anime special.
In the Future world, people use “toys” that grant them superhuman abilities like ESP and telekinesis.
This has led to a boom in both minor crimes and the need for Topy-using detectives to track down the offenders and bring them to justice. Opera Koyabashi runs the detective agency, Milky Holmes, staffed by four cheerful and energetic girls.

July 2013

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist


After his uncle’s business fails, William twining, and intelligent yound noble, finds himself in a dire financial situation. With no funds for his school tuition, he searches his house until he comes upon the basement. There, he accidentally summons Dantalion, who recognizes William as a descendant of Solomon, and the Elector – the individual that will shoose a substitute ruler for when the Emperor of Hell, Lucifer, rests.
From that moment on, William’s life is irrevocably interwoven with the supernatural world as other demonic candidates for substitutes king vie for his nomination and heaven attempts to retrieve his soul.

Summer 2013

[youtube id=”WugOfZ27A04″]

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi


The fantasy is set Fifteen years after humans stopped being born and the dead stopped dying, since the world was abandoned by God. That left “Gravekeepers” with the unique task of giving the would-be dead peace. A girl named Ai is the only Gravekeeper in her village; she was born from a Gravekeeper mother and a human father twelve years ago. One day, a boy named Hanpuniii confronts Ai with the shocking truth.

Summer 2013

[youtube id=”q39h6pQKdiM”]

Gen’ei o Kakeru Taiyou


Also called “Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni” (The Sun Penetrates the Illusions).
A Story of a gil who solves mysterious matters that occur in this world, using the mystical tarot cards that hold the power to read destinies.

July 2013

[youtube id=”CML15ByLB7k”]

Record to Randoseru Mi


Sequel to the Record to Randoseru Re TV series; Miyagawa siblings, Atsushi -an elementary student whose build and appaerance is the same as a typical adult man; and Atsumi -his sister and a high school girl whose appearance is like an elemenatary student. They live everyday encountering misunderstandings and misadventures, most to be blamed to their ironic age/looks.

July 2013

Teekyuu Season 2


Sequel to the Teekyuu TV series
The story centers around four high school girls who belong to a tennis club.

July 2013

Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jo-Gakuin Koutou-Ka C3-Bu


The story centers around high school girls (who look super good in mini skirts) playing survival games with airsoft and BB guns
Yura Yamato has just arrived at the high school division of Stella Girl’s Academy, and Sonora Kashima invites Yura to join a club called “C3.” Sonora is the third year student who became the new head of this club for survival games. The other memebers include two second year students (part Japanese Karira Hatsuse and G36K weilding Honoka Mutsu) and two other new students (Rento Kirishima whose family runs a Japanese swee shop and the really short Yachiyo Hinata)

July 2013

[youtube id=”9_XecUk8rKc”]

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!


The slice of life gag comedy centers around Tomoko Kuroki, a girl who thought she would be popular when she went to high school. However, she was in for a rude awakening, for cruel reality is not like the otomo games (romance games for female plaers) she played.

July 2013

[youtube id=”WPNaCGQjDFc”]

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai Season 3


Dating sim master Keima Katsuragi wants nothing more than to immerse himself in the 2D world, chasing digital girlfriends. But when the so called “Capturing God” answers a mysterious email from an unknown sender, Keima finds himself chasing down real life ladies in an attempt to help the peppy demon Elisie de Lute Irma capture “lost souls” escaped from the depths of hell. Now, lest the explosive collar around his neck detonate, Keima must convince various girls to fall in love with him in order to scare out the souls hiding in their hearts.

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