Halloween Game Essentials Part 3 Reviewed by Momizat on . Well, tomorrow is Halloween, and I'm sure most of you guys have been watching your Horror movie or maybe something more light hearted like Hocus Pocus. Hopefull Well, tomorrow is Halloween, and I'm sure most of you guys have been watching your Horror movie or maybe something more light hearted like Hocus Pocus. Hopefull Rating: 0
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Halloween Game Essentials Part 3

Well, tomorrow is Halloween, and I’m sure most of you guys have been watching your Horror movie or maybe something more light hearted like Hocus Pocus. Hopefully, this means that you’ve also been playing some Halloween games. Well, in our final installment of Halloween Essentials, we will look a PS3, Xbox 360, and some indie games.

Note: I was unable to find anything that was lesser known on the Wii that was worth talking about. Wii U PS4 and Xbox One are still too new to have any games that might have flied under radar.

Condemned: Criminal Origins (360/PC)
Taking inspiration from movies like “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Seven” Condemned places you in the role Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent who is investigating looking for the serial killer known as “The Match Maker”. The game is played from first person perspective, but relies more on brawling with the use of items like pipes, 2x4s, and others. There are guns, but the ammo is very limited. On top of that, you also interact with the crime scenes that you come across to find clues. The game falls more under the psychological horror spectrum of things, as your character will see strange visions relating to the serial killer.  The game also came out with a sequel (Condemned 2: Bloodshot) on PC/360/PS3 which added more brawling elements too. So, if general  FPS games bore you, check this one out. Its sure to have something different that you might enjoy.

Deadly Premonition (360/PC/PS3)
Never in my life have I seen a game as polarizing as “Deadly Premontion”. You play as FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan who is investigating the “Raincoat Killer” a serial killer who is loose in the fictional rural town of Greenvale. This game definitely has a lot of things going on in it. You play in an open world and can travel by foot or by car. Francis also needs to eat food and sleep at proper times or he will begin to lose health. On top of that, he can take side investigations that’ll net him extra money, which can be used to buy food, new clothing, and even shaving. So yeah…there’s a lot of stuff going on in this game. So, why was the game so polarizing? Well, some might consider the game to be poorly written and executed. Others believe that this just adds to the overall charm of the game. If you need to judge it yourself, it can be easily found on all three platforms.

Limbo (PS3/360/PC/Vita)
This might actually be one of the first indie games I ever saw, and I have to say its pretty great. In this sidescrolling puzzle platformer, you play as a nameless boy who must travel to the ‘edge of hell’ to find his lost sister. Along the way, he has to solve puzzles and escape from the various creatures throughout.  The game is told with no dialogue whatsoever, and uses only black-and-white tones with lighting and graining effects. This adds a creepy vibe throughout the game, especially when you see some of the creatures killing other people. Overall, it’s a unique experience and is pretty easy to find whether it’s on consoles or on steam.

Eversion (PC)
This platformer started off as a freeware game, and eventually made its way onto steam. You play as Zee Tee, a flower-like fellow who has to rescue Princess Nehema from a far distant land. As you journey through the levels collecting gems, you can change through parallel realities to get around obstacles. It might look cutesy and cheerful, but like many other things, looks can be deceiving.  Without giving too much away, this is a pretty creepy game. The HD version can be found pretty cheap on Steam, but if you’re not wanting to pay for it, there’s always the free version which can be found here. It’s a quick, but challenging game, and its sure to give you a scare.

Costume Quest (PS3/360/PC)
For once a game that is not survival horror. Instead it’s an RPG set on Halloween. In fact, its pretty light hearted. You play as siblings Reynold and Wren. On Halloween, your mom commands you guys to go trick-or-treating  to make new friends. While on their trick-or-treat adventure, one of the siblings (the one who is not chosen) ends up getting kidnapped by a monster with a sweet tooth. As the other sibling, you must go and save your brother/sister before curfew ends.  With many other scary games, its nice to have a game that’s more easy going. It’s a traditional RPG that has a lot of trick-or-treating side quests, and ways to upgrade your characters’ costumes. This game also has a very recent sequel that deals with time traveling…and who doesn’t love time traveling? Even if you’re not ready to jump into the sequel, this is one Halloween essential that shouldn’t be missed.

The Witch’s House (PC)
A game made completely with RPG Maker VX, The Witch’s House runs like an RPG but plays very differently. You play as Viola, a 13 year old girl who is watched over by a black cat . After she awakens in a forest, she sees a large mansion before her. With the path behind her blocked by a bush of red roses, she has little choice to enter the mansion to attempt figure out a way to escape. But like many other mansions…this one is filled with traps. As I have said, this game is run using RPG Maker VX and resembles a 16-bit RPG. That being said, it plays very differently. There are no battles whatsoever. Instead, as you explore the ambience of the mansion. As you explore, you have to avoid traps and other things that will terrify you. Failing to avoid one results in your death (and a game over). Luckily, you are able to save via the black cat that follows you. The nice thing about this title is that its free and can be downloaded at this link. Play at your own risk.
And with that, we’ll end this week’s installment, and the feature all together. I know there are a TON of games that I have left off this list from popular series (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, etc.) and a few I forgot to mention all together (Night Trap on Sega CD for its hilariously bad FMV gameplay) so if you have a few others that you’d like to recommend, feel free to comment below. Until then, have a very safe Halloween and beyond and as always, keep watching here on Anime Power Level for the latest in gaming, anime, and Japan news.


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