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Hotel Room

Hey fellow con goers. This week, I’m going to take a look at yet another important aspect of being at a convention. I’m not talking about cosplaying or masquerades. Oh no, I’m talking about the hotel room. For some it’s a place to sleep. For others, it’s a place to change out of costume. It might even be a place to eat food. Who knows, maybe all of the above. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know how to properly stay in a hotel room. Trust me, these tips will help you prevent a lot of unnecessary drama in your room and beyond at the con.


There are two ways you can go about getting a room. The first way is reserving a room yourself. As I’ve stated in my past article, BOOK YOUR ROOM EARLY! This will prevent you from not having a room when the convention approaches…especially for larger cons. Once you’ve booked your room, unless you’re planning to stay by yourself, ask people to room with you. That way, you’ll cut down the cost of the room and save money. There are some things that you want to be sure to do though in regards to getting people for the room.


  • Set a time for the people to pay their portion of the room. Make sure they give you their portion. Personally, As long as they give it to me the week before I’m good to go. I would never accept money from them after the con. It’s too risky. Also, if the person has a habit of not paying, it would probably be best not to have them in the room with you unless you get the money from them right then and there.
  • Set a max room limit. Having a lot of people in the room will cut down the cost of the room, but is it really risking having comfortable space. Personally speaking, I think that anywhere from 5 – 8 people in a room is enough depending on the price. Also, be weary of the amount of people that hotels will allow per room.
  • Does the person’s constyle match up with yours? By that I mean what does that person usually do at cons? Is he/she someone who’s quiet and wants the room just to change and sleep in? Are they a crazy partier who might come back to the room drunk? These are things you should ask yourself before you ask them to room with you. If you are fine with these things, then have them come on board. If not, maybe suggest to them that they find somewhere else to room (kindly of course, no need to be a jerk about it).
  • Have more people than allotted asked to be in the room? If so, have an alternative list. Let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes emergencies happen and a person will have to drop out of the room. So, if that happens, it’s good to have a backup person in case of emergency.


On the flip side, if you don’t feel comfortable booking a room, why not ask to join up another room. Of course, there are some guidelines for this too:


  • Be wary of that group’s constyle. If they love to party, and you just want a quiet room, it might not be a good idea to room with them. Same goes for if you want to go out and party. If it’s a quiet room, it might not be a good idea to room with them.  Use good judgment on this.
  • Pay the person when they ask for money. Unless there’s some emergency that prevents you from paying, pay them when they ask you for the money.
  • If there’s someone in the room you don’t get along with, either deal with it before the con, or just don’t room with them. Leave drama outside of the con.
  • If you have to drop out of the room, let them know ahead of time. As I’ve said before, emergencies happen. If this falls on you, give them notice before time and not the day of the con. That way some arrangements can be made.
  • If you happen to be unable to find anyone to room with and it’s getting close to the con, check out the forums for the con you’re going to. Sometimes people are looking for others to room with. Even so, be VERY CAREFUL when looking. I’ve done this once and luckily I had a good experience, but some people have had bad experiences with this. Really does your research on the people before you decide to up and room with them.


With these guidelines, you should be ready to have a rockin’ good time at the convention…well at least in your room. But of course you have to make sure that you keep everything in order in the room. So, with that said, here are a few guidelines for the room.


  • Keep the room clean! It’s easy to forget to do this when you’re going all over the place at the con, but other people use the room too, so be considerate of them too. Also, try to keep your stuff in one area so that you know where things are at when you pack up. This will prevent things from getting lost (trust me, at a con it’ll happen). Finally, pick up after yourself. Your roommates aren’t your mom, so if you make a mess, clean it up!
  • If you didn’t buy it, don’t mess with it. Don’t mess with other people’s items/food/drinks unless you’ve been given permission. Also, it might be good to bring food to share with the entire room if the rest of the room is doing so (I’ve already mentioned this in a previous article). That way, you guys can share and save money.
  • Try not to take forever in the shower. Other people need to get clean too. Get in, clean yourself up, and get out.
  • Figure out where everyone’s sleeping. In my opinion, by rule of thumb, the person who buys the room should ALWAYS have a bed (along with his wife/husband/significant other), but as for everyone else, rotate who gets the bed. Try to let at least each person have at least one night in the bed.
  • Don’t bring people back to the room unless you have permission to. This is just a common courtesy to the other people in the room. This is especially bad if someone comes up to the room while other people are changing. If they’re waiting for you and can’t come to the room, then have them wait either outside the room or down in the lobby. When in doubt, ask the rest of your roommates.
  • If you’re having a room party, be considerate of other people in the hotel. You aren’t the only room there. Other people want to sleep and don’t want to hear your loud music blasting 3 doors down. Be considerate of other people.
  • On the topic of room parties, if you’re holding one, don’t do anything stupid to get your room (or the convention as a whole) in trouble. You don’t want to have to pay room fines or never be allowed in the hotel again. If it sounds like a bad idea, chances are it probably is, so don’t do it.
  • I might get some flak for this next one, but..oh well. Unless it’s just you and your significant other in a private room, DONT HAVE SEX IN THE ROOM. I can go on and on about why this is bad juju. It’s very rude to the other people to the room any way that you look at it, whether they’re not in the room, in the room (why!?), while you’re in the shower, etc. Just.Dont.Do.It! If you have a private room of just you and your significant other…well, use your own judgment. I’m sure those people next doors don’t want to hear you guys doing your thing.
  • This is mainly for people visiting other rooms. If you’re asked to leave, LEAVE! Don’t stick around, don’t argue, just leave. I’ve had problems with this in the past. We had a person in our room breaking stuff and he refused to leave when asked by myself and by someone else (even tried to get physical about it). It’s not cool, and could lead to more trouble.
  • Finally, try to pack up the night before. Let’s be honest, chances are, on Saturday night, you’re probably up super late. So, why not just pack up? Leave out what you’re going to use tomorrow and pack everything else up. That way, when check out time comes, you can get a head start from everyone else. Also, if you’re hotel allows late check out (depending on the cost), it might be a good idea to request that in case of emergency. As I’ve said before, these things do happen.


I know this is a lot of advice, but trust me; it’ll make the hotel room go much smoothly. There will be no drama, and it’ll just be a fun time. I want to close with this; your hotel room (for that weekend at least) is kind of like your family. Everyone needs to be treated with respect. Have fun, spend some time together before you guys go your separate ways for the weekend and beyond. Even if it’s sharing a quick bite with them or having a short conversation, it’ll make all the difference.  Have fun :)

Next week, how do you manage yourself on the con floor? This is both in the dealer room, in the lobbies, in panels, etc. Until then, see you on the con floor.

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