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Comic of the Week: How Mikasa Gets Eren to Brush His Teeth

  Original post All credit goes to kimoida. Please check out the artist's other works here! PLEASE READ: This comic was used with permission from the artist him/herself. Please respect the artist by not reposting any of his/her work on any other website without their consent.   ...

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Con Adviser: Makeup, Body Paint, and You

  *Disclaimer: This is NOT a make-up tutorial. Greetings fellow congoers. I've got a short article for you guys this week.   Given the recent advent of cosplays which require some sort of makeup, I feel like it would only be fitting that I make an article about this.   There are many cosplays that might require an extra step to make it authentic. This is usually in the form of Make up or body ...

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Mitsuwa Summer Festival

      Hello Everyone, This weekend, we had the perfect weather to enjoy Mitsuwa's Summer Festival. Mitsuwa is located in the north part of Chicago and they an have extensive selection of Japanese groceries, a bakery, and lunchroom-style restaurants. The festival was packed with food stands, games, and events throughout the day. The events ranged from the traditional Taiko performances to Kara ...

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Tanto Cuore Trivia Trap! Giveaway

  If you are a fan of anime themed card games, specifically the deck building card game Tanto Cuore. Then follow our friends at Games Anime Stuff and join their giveaway. This card was only released as a promotional card, so if you bought this set well after it was released, you won’t be getting her. The rules are simple all you have to do is answer trivia questions and at the end of the designated tim ...

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New Sailor Moon Anime to Stream Worldwide This Winter!

It has finally been confirmed, by the idol group Momoiro Clover Z, that the new Sailor Moon anime will air worldwide simultaneously this winter on Niconico! Momoiro Clover Z will be singing both the opening and ending themes to the anime. Fumio Osano, the Sailor Moon manga's Kodansha editor, announced that they cannot announce the voice actor cast just yet but confirmed that the new anime will not be a rema ...

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Ejen Needs Your Help to Make ‘Cosplay in America’ Happen! Rewards Available!

Ejen Chuang is a photographer who is currently living in Los Angeles. He has been travelling to various conventions photographing people in cosplay for his book 'Cosplay in America'. Ejen already has a book (out of print) dedicated to pictures of cosplayers but this book is different. This book is going to include many photos of not just the cosplayers but of the process that they go through to create and r ...

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Con Adviser: Hosting a Meetup

Greetings fellow Con goers. I hope you’re all enjoying summer now that it’s in full swing. Sadly, I know some of you guys might not be able to go to some cons because of work or other reasons, but who said you need a convention to be around friends. Why not host a meet up and gather all of your friends. Meetups are a great way to hang out with the new people you’ve met at cons and even get to know some othe ...

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